Primary Liability Program

Primary Liability Program

The primary liability program provides first-dollar coverage with no deductibles or member-retained limits. The program offers $50 million of coverage per occurrence and is funded at the 75% confidence level. It is an attractive coverage option for agencies that have a strong organizational culture of risk management and a low tolerance for risk but that may not have full-time dedicated risk management staff. Members of the primary liability program tend to be contract agencies or full-service agencies with less than $20 million in payroll.

In the primary liability program, claims are managed through a collaborative process with significant member communication and consultation. However, the Authority retains ultimate settlement authority. The program is funded by annual contributions that represent an “all-inclusive” charge that covers the pool’s retained layer, excess and reinsurance premiums, claims administration fees, operating expenses, and most training and risk management program expenses.

Primary Liability Program Chart

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