Risk Management Consulting

The Authority provides members with access to regionally-based Risk Managers who live and work close to the members that they serve. Regional Risk Managers are local, and readily available to offer consulting services and technical support. Proactively helping members to prevent losses, and containing losses when they do occur, are important aspects of the Authority’s long-term strategy to minimize the cost of risk. Most members consider the Authority’s Risk Managers to be a valuable extension of their own staff. Here are some examples of the kind of assistance they offer:

  • Analyze contracts for indemnification language
  • Attend safety committee meetings
  • Attend City Council meetings, as needed
  • Evaluate and discuss risk exposures
  • Review open claims
  • Help develop loss mitigation strategies
  • Help implement a customized Loss Control Action Plan (LossCAP)
  • Recommend and coordinate training events
  • Serve as a liaison to help members access Authority resources and programs
  • Proactively monitor new and emerging risks unique to each agency

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