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Since its founding, the California JPIA has always sought to provide broad coverage for its members. Public agencies are constantly confronted with a broad range of risk management exposures. To address these exposures, the California JPIA has developed an equally broad range of programs to protect its members.

The following coverage programs are available to members:

Liability Protection Program

  • Risk-sharing pool, required for California JPIA members
  • Police operations are pooled separately from general member operations
  • Limits of $50 million per occurrence, including general and automobile liability
  • Includes subsidence coverage, with a $30 million sublimit
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Workers’ Compensation Program

  • Optional risk-sharing pool
  • Public safety operations are pooled separately from general member operations
  • Statutory limits
  • Includes employer's liability of $10,000,000 per occurrence
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Property Insurance Program

  • Optional all-risk coverage
  • Stand-alone replacement value coverage
  • Stand-alone mechanical breakdown coverage
  • Stand-alone vehicle physical damage coverage
  • Stand-alone earthquake and flood coverage
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Pollution Program

  • Optional $50 million aggregate for three years for all members
  • Per-member aggregate limit of $10 million for three years
  • Optional coverage for members to provide California Financial Assurance for Underground Storage Tanks
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Cyber Liability Program

  • First-party coverage: privacy regulatory claims, security breach response, business income loss, dependent business income loss, digital asset restoration costs, and cyber-extortion threats
  • Third-party coverage: privacy liability, network security liability, and multimedia liability
  • Members work directly with the reinsurer to investigate and respond to claims
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Property Damage Recovery Program

  • Assistance to recover amounts due from responsible parties who damage property owned by or in the care, custody, or control of the member
  • Work directly with a third-party administrator to investigate and pursue recovery
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Crime Insurance Program

  • Optional $1 million per member
  • Higher limits available
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Railroad "Quiet Zone" Liability Program

  • Optional liability coverage
  • Covers bodily injury and property damage occurring at at-grade vehicle and pedestrian crossings within federally approved railroad quiet zones.
  • $2 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate limit per year for all members
  • $100,000 self-insured retention per occurrence
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Special Event Program

  • Optional $1 million per event/instructor
  • Includes recreation instructors' liability
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Vendors/Contractors Program

  • General liability
  • Premises liability only option
  • $1 million per occurrence
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Continuity of Operations Program

  • Assists members when planned or unplanned events occur that would otherwise shut down operations
  • Agility provides power, space, communications, and technology
  • NorthStar delivers damage response, security, damage extraction, restoration, and remediation of contaminates
  • VeriClaim coordinates all activities and determines applicable coverage through the Authority’s property program
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