Continuity of Operations Program

The continuity of operations program assists members when planned or unplanned events occur that would otherwise shut down operations. The program uses strategic partners working together with members to maintain and restore operations. Agility provides power, space, communications, and technology. Sedgwick coordinates all activities and determines applicable coverage through the Authority’s property program.

Program services are triggered at the time of the event and when a member contacts Agility. Agility will immediately begin mobilizing to restore or maintain member operations. Members also have access to pre-event assessments through Agility.

Agility Recovery

  • Power (generator[s] and fuel) for facilities and offices
  • Mobile office facilities
  • Commercial office or inline retail space with desks and chairs
  • Temporary satellite communications
  • Phone and internet communication, including hardware
  • Computer systems

For more information on this program, contact Jim Thyden, Insurance Programs Manager, by email or at (562) 467-8784.
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Reporting an Incident

All incidents and events should be reported as soon as they occur. Members will need to call Agility and/or Sedgwick:

(877) 364-9393

(805) 405-8666

Once members have called the service provider(s) needed, please email Jim Thyden.