Crime Insurance Program

The California JPIA contracts with Alliant Insurance Services for administering this program. Coverage is provided for the following exposures.

  • Faithful Performance
    Employee dishonesty, including theft, and failure of any employee to faithfully perform their duties. Includes all employees, the agency treasurer, agency clerk and/or tax collector and any employee required by law to be individually bonded.
  • Depositor’s Forgery
    Loss by forgery or alteration of, on or in any check, draft, promissory note or similar written promise, order or direction to pay money that is made or drawn upon the member’s accounts, including credit, debit, or charge cards, by someone acting as the member’s agent or that are purported to have been so made or drawn. This coverage protects you against forgery or alteration losses caused by a person other than an employee.
  • Crime - money and securities
    Covers loss of your money or securities by theft, disappearance or destruction while they are on your premises or on banking premises, or while your money or securities are outside your premises in the possession of a messenger. This coverage protects you from theft, robbery and safe burglary caused by persons other than an employee.
  • Computer Fraud
    Theft directly related to the use of any computer to fraudulently cause a transfer of money, securities or other property from inside the premises or banking premises to a person or place outside those premises.
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Crime Program Documents

Reporting Claims

As you may know, quick reporting plays a critical role in any claim. As soon as a member becomes aware of a loss, contact must be made immediately with Alliant Insurance Services.

Report a Claim

Other written correspondence must be sent to:

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Attention: Robert Frey
100 Pine Street, 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 403-1445
Fax: (415) 402-0773