Cyber Liability Program

Cyber Liability Program

The cyber liability program provides coverage for both first- and third-party claims. First-party coverage includes privacy regulatory claims, security breach response, business income loss, dependent business income loss, digital asset restoration costs, and cyber-extortion threats, while third-party coverage includes privacy liability, network security liability, and multimedia liability. Members work directly with the reinsurer to investigate and respond to claims.

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If an Incident or Breach Occurs

If a member becomes aware of an incident or breach, immediately:

Call the Data Incident Reporting Hotline at (855) 440-3400.

The Data Incident Reporting Hotline is to assist members and coordinate resources but does not satisfy the claim notification obligations. All claims/incidents, privacy wrongful acts or security wrongful acts must be reported as per the Memorandum of Coverage – Cyber Liability Program using the Authority’s online claim reporting system.

All incidents members consider as claims must be reported online using the link at the bottom of this page.

Calling the hotline

Brit, the reinsurer for the Cyber Liability Program, has partnered with ePlace to provide a hotline for members to call in the event of a claim or incident. Members should contact the Data Incident Reporting Hotline at 855-440-3400 to coordinate incident response resources.

Typical information necessary when calling the hotline includes:

  • Person most knowledgeable about the claim/incident with phone, alternate phone, and email
  • Best time to reach contact
  • Does the claim/incident involve services provided to anyone outside California?

Does the incident involve any of the following:

  • Lost or stolen laptop or wireless device (BlackBerry, iPhone, smartphone)
  • Other lost or stolen data storage device (thumb drive, portable hard drive, memory card)
  • Use of/access to confidential information by someone who works for you
  • Use of/access to confidential information by someone who does not work for you


Cyber Liability Documents

Reporting Claims

Prompt notice of claims or circumstances that might lead to a claim is critical to mitigating any loss. Members need to provide notice immediately. It is important for all agency representatives to never express opinions regarding cause, fault or liability.  When reporting a claim, members will need to include specific details of the act, possible resulting damages, facts by which the member first became aware of the act, and any computer system security and event logs providing evidence.

Report a Claim

Other written correspondence should be sent to:

California JPIA
Attention: Jim Thyden
8081 Moody Street
La Palma, CA 90623
Phone: (562) 467-8784
Email Jim Thyden