Property Program

The California JPIA’s insured programs represent commercial insurance programs, including all risk property, earthquake, mechanical breakdown, vehicle physical damage, pollution and remediation legal liability, crime, special events, and vendors/contractors. The California JPIA uses a third-party administrator to investigate and respond to all claims.


The property program includes all-risk coverage for real and personal property, including buildings, office furniture and equipment, fine art, contractor’s equipment, mobile and unlicensed equipment, vehicles, property of others while in the member's care, and buildings under construction.

Optional coverage is available for earthquake and flood, high-value emergency vehicles, and mechanical breakdown. Please see the documents section below for additional information on each of the property program elements.

Rates are competitively priced based upon member exposures and experience.

Property Schedules

All participants in the property program are asked to keep their schedules current and to maintain their accuracy. Since property schedules determine member premiums for property coverage, updates should include adding or deleting buildings, equipment, and vehicles acquired/sold since the schedule was last updated. Additionally, a review of the current values listed for both your property and vehicle schedules should take place. It is further recommended that buildings be appraised every seven to ten years by a professional appraiser to ensure they are properly valued.

Members may access their property schedules on Alliant Insurance Services' online AlliantConnect system by clicking here. Please contact Joe Sanders for any assistance with AlliantConnect, including passwords or technical difficulties. Joe may be reached at (949) 660-8153 or

Property Inspections

Those members who participate in the property program have the added optional benefit of receiving an annual inspection of buildings that exceed a certain amount, if listed on the member’s property schedule. Members are contacted in the fall by an inspector from Alliant Insurance Services, to schedule the inspection. The inspections are intended to evaluate these buildings for fire protection and engineering risk assessments. While the inspections are useful in assisting with employee safety and sometimes included in the Authority’s Risk Management Evaluations, they are primarily geared toward reducing the risk of damage to the buildings themselves.

Mechanical Breakdown

Those members who participate in the mechanical breakdown program are offered inspections of certain pressurized vessels. These inspections are mandated by the State of California. Travelers Insurance, the Authority’s mechanical breakdown insurance carrier, will conduct these inspections at no cost to the member, and will help identify ways to prevent losses to valuable equipment. Members are contacted directly by Travelers prior to the expiration of a vessel’s certificate.

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Reporting a Claim

All claims must be reported as soon as the damage is discovered. It is important that repairs are not made before the claim adjustor has had an opportunity to speak with your agency’s risk manager. If there is a possibility of further damage before permanent repairs can begin, perform temporary repairs, e.g. board-up broken windows, protect property if exposed to rain, or get professional help if extensive water damage.

Report a Claim

Other written correspondence must be sent to:

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