Special Event Program

Coverage provides liability insurance when member-owned premises are used for special events or short-term activities. Examples include weddings, art festivals, parades, block parties, yoga classes, and member-sponsored events such as job fairs, carnivals, and swap meets. Members administer the program, accept funds, and issue certificates of insurance online with Alliant Insurance Services, with whom the California JPIA contracts for this program. There is no deductible, and the member is added as an additional insured, if entered on the certificate. Because it is automatic, members do not need to obtain an additional insured endorsement. Liability limits are purchased in $1,000,000 per occurrence increments. Medical payments are also available with limits of $5,000, with the option to purchase $5,000 in additional limits.

To use the program, access the Alliant website here. Instructions on how to use Alliant’s Special Events online system can be found here. Any necessary documents, including the program manual, can be found using the links on the right side of this webpage.

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Special Event Program Documents

Reporting a Claim

All injuries or incidents which occurred during use of the facilities must be reported promptly.

Report a Claim

Other written correspondence must be sent to:

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Attention: Robert Frey
100 Pine Street, 11th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 403-1445
Fax: (415) 402-0773