Workers’ Compensation Program

The California JPIA provides workers’ compensation coverage that offers members two options: the primary workers’ compensation program and the excess workers’ compensation program. Coverage in both programs includes benefits to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of work-related activities. Benefits include medical treatment, indemnity payments, and other statutory requirements. All employers must provide workers’ compensation protection for their employees.

Claims for these programs are managed through a collaborative process with member communication and consultation.

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Primary Workers' Compensation Program

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Excess Workers' Compensation Program

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Primary Workers’ Compensation Program

The primary workers’ compensation program provides first-dollar coverage with no deductibles or member-retained limits. The program offers coverage up to statutory limits and is funded at a confidence level of 75%-85%. Several cost containment programs are in place to reduce the severity of claims and expedite the return of employees to work. These include nurse triage of injuries, a medical provider network, pharmacy management, and a return-to-work program customized for each member and injured worker. The program is funded by annual contributions that represent all costs for the pool’s retained layer, excess and reinsurance premiums, claims administration fees, operating expenses, and most training and risk management program expenses. The day-to-day handling of claims is managed by a third-party administrator with Authority oversight, thereby allowing member staff to focus more on loss control, risk management, and prevention of claims.

Excess Workers’ Compensation Program

The excess workers’ compensation allows members to choose from retained limits of $150k, $250k, $500k, $750k, or $1 million with a pooled retention of $2 million. The program has statutory coverage limits and is funded at a confidence level of 75%-85%. Members of the excess workers’ compensation program have full access to the Authority’s innovative risk management and training programs, have a dedicated claims management team, and utilize defense counsel from the Authority’s pre-approved panel of attorneys. The program is funded by members’ annual contributions that cover the pooled layer of losses, operating expenses, and most training and risk management program expenses. Members are responsible for self-owned trust accounts for member-retained claim payments and California state assessments.

Workers' Compensation Program Documents

Reporting a Claim

All claims must be reported online at For username and password assistance, contact Jeff Rush, Workers’ Compensation Program Manager. All written correspondence, including doctor’s reports or disability slips, wage statements, witness statements, and other correspondence must be sent to:

York Insurance Services Group
PO Box 619079
Roseville, CA 95661
Fax: 866-548-2637