Encountering and Serving Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Being homeless is a complex social problem that impacts the quality of life in our communities. There are no easy solutions. Much of it is created by affordable housing shortages, chronic unemployment, mental illness, substance abuse and changes in our mental health laws. This training will address the nature of homelessness; changing legal issues; environmental safety issues; employee safety issues; safely responding to and cleaning up homeless camps; and providing services to homeless people in need with dignity, empathy, and patience.
Topics Covered:
  • Nature of homelessness
  • Changing legal issues related to this subject
  • Environmental safety issues
  • Employee safety issues
  • Responding to and cleaning up homeless camps
  • Providing services to people experiencing homelessness with dignity, empathy and patience
3 hours ( 3 hours )
Who should attend:
Employees who encounter homeless individuals within the course of their job.
As Needed
No trainings are currently scheduled at this time.
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