Power of the Pen

The responsibility to document employee matters is that of all supervisory employees and managers, not just Human Resources. Effective documentation plays an important role in so many areas, but it is often forgotten until the agency is in the middle of litigation. Creating effective documentation is a far broader topic than most think and is often thought of only in the context of someone underperforming. However, employee documentation can also relate to misconduct and discipline, workplace investigations, leaves of absence, and the interactive process. This session will explain the multi-faceted world of employee documentation and this significant role it plays in risk management and employment litigation. We will also discuss how documents should be created, utilized and stored, as well as illustrate how, in many cases, memory just isn’t good enough to defeat employment claims. If you are a person with a disability and need an accommodation to participate, please contact the California JPIA training division by email, training@cjpia.org, within two business days of the training date, noting that the Authority is closed on Fridays. (Duration: 3.5 Hours)
Topics Covered:
  • The benefits of effective documentation and the perils of poor documentation
  • The importance of employee evaluations and healthy supervision/employee communication
  • Proper investigation and documentation of employee misconduct and discipline
  • Appropriate recordkeeping during the interactive process
  • Effectively using the attorney client privilege and understanding its limitations
  • Use of employment records as evidence in litigation
3.5 hours
Initial training for Supervisors, Managers and Human Resources Professionals
Who should attend:
Supervisors, Managers and Human Resources Professionals
As Needed
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