Injury Prevention Workshop

This interactive workshop is focused on preventing injury and the reduction of risk for recurring injury or aggravation of the symptomology of the injury. With certain proactive steps, injury which may often lead to debilitating pain, career-ending work restrictions and a deteriorating quality of life and lifestyle activities, can be prevented. Those employees who have sustained or are experiencing early signs /symptoms of (prior) back, neck, and any other musculoskeletal body parts which impacted by discomfort or strains will learn key intervention practices to reduce the likelihood of future injury.
Topics Covered:

  • Learn how a misaligned and an unbalance posture negativity impact your health and quality of life
  • Identify and compare body movements that are risk factors associated with injuries
  • Identify safe movement choices with fewer incidents of injuries
  • Evaluate your posture
  • Dynamic functional and static stretching
  • Address specific life activities that are concerns

3 hours
Who should attend:
Employees who are experiencing early signs/symptoms of muscoloskeletal discomfort or strains
As Needed
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