Tactical Communications: Talking Tools for Service and Safety in the Field

This course helps law enforcement officers working in patrol and investigations to talk more effectively with the wide variety of people they come into contact with in the field, during follow-up investigations, over the phone, and under various low and high-stress encounters. The focus is both on tactical communications during field encounters (which emphasizes both officer safety and good service skills) and recognizing the necessary diversity awareness in their communities.
Topics Covered:
  • Diversity awareness:  age, race, gender and cultural differences
  • Active, empathic listening
  • Police and customer service awareness:  moments of truth
  • Avoiding citizen complaints:  the ingredients for an investigation
  • Group roleplays with feedback
  • High stress communication tools
  • Internal communications:  giving each other feedback
  • Respecting chain of command
  • Communication failures:  lawsuit scenarios
  • Officer safety
  • Verbalization techniques during arrests
  • Stress management:  tactical breathing, anger mastery and critical incident stress de-briefing
  • When to be a warrior, when to be a protector
3 hours
Initial training for law enforcement personnel
Who should attend:
Law enforcement personnel
As Needed
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